Get started with your API Subscription as an API Developer

If you’re just getting started with any FabriXAPI-powered API Portal and don’t know where to begin, then this guide is for you. To begin with, the Developer Admin Portal is where you start your API journey — a place to manage API subscription and monitor API usage. Let’s follow the Developer Missions and get hands-on experience with the basic usage of the Developer Admin Portal in just a few minutes!

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Mission #1 – Subscribe to a Free API on API Portal

After you have logged in to any FabriXAPI-powered API Portal, you can discover and subscribe to APIs on the API Portal.

Find out more instruction on this Step-by-step Guide.

Mission #2 – Discover Your First API Subscription Record

Once you have subscribed to an API, you can check the subscription details including subscription date, payment status, etc.

Find out more instruction on this Step-by-step Guide.

Mission #3 – Make an API Call and Check the API Usage

Use the Try It Out function on the API Portal to make an API call for your subscribed API.You will then be able to see the API usage on the Developer Admin Portal. (Tips: It may take 5-10 mins to reflect after the API requests were made)

Find out more instruction on this Step-by-step Guide.

Mission #4 – Complete Your Developer Profile

et us know more about you by filling in Profile Page, so that we can keep creating a better experience for you.

Find out more instruction on this Step-by-step Guide.


Congratulations! Now that you have mastered the API journey as an API Developer on FabriXAPI. It’s just the beginning and there’re more and more things waiting for you to explore and discover on this cloud-based API Portal Platform. Don’t forget we are always here to support your API journey. Visit Open API Academy to find out more dedicated API learning materials and tutorials.