HSBC x beNovelty Local Business Stories – beNovelty Dedicating to Establish a comprehensive open API Ecosystem

beNovelty, as one of HSBC’s partners & clients, the founder and CEO, Patrick Fan was honoured to be invited to join the “HSBC x beNovelty Local Business Story” campaign, sharing the business journey of leveraging technology products and services to get enterprises and communities well adapted to the new normal with challenges occurred from time to time.

Established in 2015, beNovelty is a local start-up that has been specialising in developing and providing technical product and services. The company has been highly recognized by its extraordinarily professional API technology and developed an immense network with  well-known enterprises across multiple industries. “Our ultimate goal is to leverage our Open API platform and act as the bridge between different industries. We’ll continue to work closely with HSBC to enhance our services to meet the demand for digital transformation across different industries and bring greater convenience to Hong Kong citizens.” Said Patrick Fan, CEO of beNovelty.

Apart from dedicating to API R&D, beNovelty has launched a powerful one-stop open API platform which was awarded the ICT Startup (Software and Apps) Silver Award in the 2020 Hong Kong ICT Awards by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO). OpenAPIHub allows API developers and vendors to showcase their market-ready API products and therefore boost the sales and usage. Besides that, enterprises in different scales can find API products that fit for their business needs on the platform to realized enterprise digital transformation. Previously, partnered with HKSTP and HSBC, beNovelty supported the API EcoBooster programme in providing technical clinics and sandboxes with more than 100 banking APIs and mock data on its API integration platform for innovators to trial their APIs. During the event, training related to sustainable API product and compliance has been provided by beNovelty to developers for the hope of facilitating innovation and development in the API economy from banking perspective. Other than API EcoBooster programme, in October 2020, technical leaders in town gathered in Apidays Live Hong Kong Conference where they shared and discussed insightful ideas of the application of open API in the fintech industry. beNovelty, acted as the event organizer, its founder and CEO, Patrick Chan hopes that different industries can connect the business with more innovative solutions to enhance user experience through such kind of international conference and he would like to drive the company to continuously engage with HKSTP and other enterprises to establish an open API ecosystem, promoting the business cooperation between start-ups and large-scaled business groups.


As a local leader in the development of open API technology, beNovelty has won industry recognition and has now established collaboration with many well-known international companies, including HSBC, Jardine Restaurant Group, Jebsen Group etc. The company’s vision is to help build and expand a cross-industry API ecosystem in the local and Asia Pacific markets to speed up the digital transformation of various industries. beNovelty welcomes large enterprises, SMEs and start-ups to develop a constant business partnership with the company and would like to provide customized strategic support. For large companies with mature business development, beNovelty aims to create an API-driven business environment integrating with the company’s existing practice, breaking the barriers between traditional business and technology solutions by making operational automation possible. On the other hand, beNovelty offers plenty of technical support for scale-up SMEs and fast-growing start-ups, such as leveraging the OpenAPIHub cloud platform to perfectly match customers’ business needs with particular API products and services, driving enterprises to transform into digital business with minimal onboarding effort.


“HSBC is committed to driving technology innovation to support businesses in digital transformation and finding new opportunities. With our extensive client network and industry-leading position, we are pleased to find synergy with beNovelty’s technology capability and together help companies leverage technology and enhance the public’s everyday experience,” Said Terence Chiu, Head of Commercial Banking in HSBC. In the future, beNovelty will pursue the excellence and professionalism of its products and services and hope to establish extensive digital networks with various industries to promote the automation in everyday business towards the goal of building a sound and mature API ecosystem.

About beNovelty

beNovelty is an award-winning API technology company with a focus on emerging API technology and we are actively driving the development of a multi-disciplined community of API developers from different industries. Our cloud-based API platform – OpenAPIHub – helps companies to implement brand-new and scalable API business models and assists to design, manage, secure and commercialize APIs for applications such as banking (open banking), insurance, hospitality and tourism, education, healthcare, catering and more. As one of the featured company in the campaign “Local Business Stories” launched by HSBC, we will continuously work closely with HSBC to meet the business needs of digital transformation in various industries through API technology. Please feel free to contact us to learn more.

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